Boat vent II

Protect your investment with our fast and easy to install BoatVent II. The BoatVent II can be added to any custom or semi custom marine cover. Made with the latest UV inhibited polymers you can be sure it will withstand the elements. This remarkable device prolongs the life of your boats upholstery by venting the enclosed space of the warm, moist air. BoatVent II helps prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing under your cover and causing irreversible damage to your boat's interior. When combined with our adjustable support pole the added support of proper tenting will shed rain or snow, prohibiting pools and stagnant water from destroying your cover.  This combination has become the standard for preventive care in the industry, and is a must for all boat owners.

Adjustable Support Poles

Our telescoping cam lock support poles have die cast collars and stainless steel components, allowing them to hold a staggering 170 lbs; that is over twice the weight of standard thumbscrew mooring poles. The aluminum tubing is light weight, anodized, and heat treated to make sure it can withstand any climate, and with the added strength of a ribbed profile this pole is designed to last. Our poles come in a variety of sizes and tip options, including snap, swedge, and plug. To protect your boats flooring from scuffs or marring, we use a synthetic TPE rubber crutch tip. This pole works perfect with the Boat Vent II.


Available in:
1" Heavy Duty Black
1" Light Weight Black or White
2" Light Weight Black or White


1" Black Side Release Buckles

Hook & Loop

Available in:
1" Black or White (sewable)
​2" Black or White (sewable)

Thread & Bobbins

Available in:
DB 138 Black or White Thread
​DB 92 Black or White Thread
DB 138 Black or White Style G Bobbins
DB 92 Black or White Style G Bobbins
​DB 138 Style M Bobbins


Available in:
1/4" Black Diamond Braided Nylon
1/4" White Diamond Braided Nylon
1/8" White Diamond Braided Nylon

Shock Cord

Available in:
1/4" with tracer
3/8" with tracer


Available in:
Single Pulley 1-1/2" for 3/8" Rope
​Double Pulley 1-1/4" for 3/8" Rope

Caps / Sockets / Studs

Available in:
Cap Brass Nickel 1/4"
Cap Brass Nickel 11/64"
Cap Stainless Steel 11/64"
Cap (Black/Navy/Burgundy/Red/Brown)
Socket Brass Nickel
Socket Stainless Steel
Stud Stainless Steel 3/8"
​Stud 7/16" Self Drilling

Press N Snap Tool

Ratchets & Webbing

Available in:
1" Stainless Ratchet
1" Black Nylon Webbing
Ratchet & Boot Tightening Assembly

Cup Vent

Black Rubber Sew In Cup vent With Guard

303 Fabric Guard®

303® High Tech Fabric Guard is a premium patented formula that restores fabrics lost water and stain repellency. Recommended as the best fabric protectant by leading outdoor fabric manufacturers.  Proper maintenance with 303 Products will add to the life of your fabrics and save you money.

Available in 16 oz., 32 oz., and 128 oz.